Social Media: Facts and Failures to help YOU succeed

Social Media is here to stay. In fact in 2016 the number of social media users has risen by 176 million to an eye-watering 3.17 BILLION users! Meaning approximately two thirds of the world’s population is on social media.

And is it just all the young whipper snappers on their fancy phones who are on social media? Stats say no. Whilst 90% of those between the ages of 18 & 35 use social media, 35% of those aged over 65 are tweeting or posting to their Facebook page regularly. In fact this is the fastest growing aged group online, including in social media. Not wanting to be left behind, baby boomers are engaging more and more with social media, and are far more likely to purchase products that they have engaged with on social media than their jaded grandchildren.

Another, perhaps not surprising, group that is forever online is those parents who have children under 5. Perhaps because the wee darlings grow so quick and every moment needs to be captured and broadcast to the world, or perhaps for more sociologically complex reasons, this group is one of the easiest to target online, and one of the highest spenders!

In the business world 91% of retail brands have a presence on social media. However the vast majority of businesses are unsure what impact their social media presence (and budget) is having on their sales, 45% said they were unable to show a link between social media budget and sales. On the flipside, consumers state social media as one of the main places they credit for purchasing decisions. So it appears whilst consumers consult social media before making purchase decisions, businesses are confused about how they quantify this.

Small to medium businesses are the most perplexed by social media, with 55% stating that they struggle to produce a strategy for their social media presence and a third unsure if they have the skills, talents or knowledge internally to produce content for social media. 34% of retail small businesses have no social media presence at all – one conclusion being that social media sits in the “too hard” basket for a plethora of small and medium businesses.


  1. Get social – social media is here to stay and if you’re not on it, your customers are probably talking about you or your competitors whilst you’re not in the room.
  2. Get strategic – get a strategy to get results. Work out who you want to target and how you will do it on social media. No matter what your business you can reach potential customers socially.
  3. Get a team – social media can no longer be placed in your “too hard” basket. If you need confidence, assistance or even fully outsourced management get some help. The investment you make in the short term will reap rewards for your business in the future.


At Audacious Digital we love helping small to medium enterprises succeed online. We specialise in digital solutions that integrate web, social and digital marketing taking the hassle out of digital management for our clients. If you need help with social media strategy, content creation or how to integrate social media to your website, we can help!


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